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The Best 24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Sydney! 

Emergency Plumbing Services

D.R. KING Plumbing Services are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We know that you don’t choose your plumbing emergencies and we provide prompt service when you need it. We are specialists in Emergency Plumbing 24 hours a day. Call us day or night if your toilet is not working, your drains are clogged or you have any kind of leaking pipes. Our 24 hr plumbing service is ready to help you at any time.

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Phone: 9555 2000

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CALL US ON 9555 2000

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Preventative Maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance or Programmed Preventative Maintenance refers to the maintenance of all plumbing fixtures, appliances and pipe systems, to minimize the likelihood of an emergency after hours call out.

About Preventative Maintenance

Routine Plumbing Maintenance should be performed at least once a year, depending on your plumbing’s age and intricacy. If you have an older hot water system or old plumbing pipes which you have inherited from a property you may need to have maintenance checks more often. Our experts can give you a much clearer idea of how often you should get plumbing maintenance done on your pipes once they’ve had a good look at your plumbing system. 

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