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Jet Blasting

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    High-pressure jet blasting in Sydney

    Jet blasting is a fantastic technique that cleans your pipes of any debris that might be causing a drain blockage. Water pumped through the pipe at high pressure ensuring your drain is free from unwanted debris. Jet blasting is ideal for high rise buildings where access to your building’s pipes are a little harder to reach.

    Benefits of jet blasting

    The benefits of having your pipes jet blasted include:

    • It cuts through grease and eliminates it
    • Sludge, debris, and foreign materials are removed
    • Tree roots are gone
    • Flushing leaves the pipes clean and clear, allowing water to flow more smoothly

    Types of blockages

    Pipe blockages can come in all shapes and sizes. If your water is not flowing properly and you think the following could possibly be the fault, call D.R King Plumbing today and find out if our cost-effective jet blasting technique is right for you.

    Types of blockage:

    • Fats, oils, grease, stones, and sand
    • Tree roots, foreign debris, and materials
    • Pipe walls are cracked

    To find out more about our jet blasting services, call our qualified team today on 02 9555 2000.

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